dalli – Our promise of quality

Environmental protection

A sensible use of natural resources is important to us. As part of our environmental management system, we collect, process and analyse relevant, established data as the basis for our objectives and environmental programmes which seek to achieve continuous improvement of our environmental impact.

We focus our activities in the areas of energy use, resource efficiency, water consumption, wastewater treatment and logistics.

Below are some examples of our activities in these areas.

Energy use

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency by using the most advanced processes and aggregates.

Resource efficiency

When sourcing and manufacturing products, we are emphasising making greater use of renewable resources and recycled materials. For example, our paper materials come FSC-certified operations. In product development, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of packaging.

Water consumption and wastewater treatment

We use a monitoring system to check and optimise our water use and wastewater quality and quantity on a consistent basis.


We use a modern ERP system to manage order processing so that we use our lorries optimally when making deliveries to our customers. We require the same from our suppliers so that we can achieve the most efficient solution across the entire logistics chain.

Another component is the integration of our bottle making facilities with our liquid production facilities, thus avoiding up to 90% of deliveries we once required.