dalli – Our promise of quality

Core values

We practice loyalty and integrity

We have a special commitment towards our company. We’re proud of what we and others before us have built in the last 170 years. We want to be a part of this tradition and carry it further in the future.

We’re responsible

We’re responsible towards what we do. We decide, we commit and execute. We are paying attention to the consequences.

We are respectful

To respect and support the others around, we need to appreciate them for what they are. We accept differences and intervene in a prompt and fair way in case of conflicts.

Our results can be measured

Four activity is based on results that can be measured and which represent the success of our work. We think about solutions, and we act having in mind our commitments and the company goals.

We help our customers to have success

We committed to work well so that the result of our work is of best quality. We also think that what we do, must help our customers reach their goals.