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Safety and health care guidelines

The consideration and continuous improvement of the occupational safety, plant safety and health protection are constant obligation for all employees and basis for the economic success of our company. As part of our activities, we strive to create a working environment that protects the safety and health of everyone. We therefore commit our organisation to the following principles:

  • Safety and health protection can only be realised successfully by involving everyone. It is therefore our aim to create a positive safety culture with involvement of our employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Safety and Health Protection is a management task. Managers at all levels exercise the assigned obligations. They are role models for the implementation of the objectives for safety and health protection.
  • Health and safety will strengthen the performance and motivation of our employees. A qualified occupational health and safety services therefore have a great importance.
  • Employees act within its capabilities with its own responsibility to achieve the objectives by conscious, safe and careful behaviour. All employees are authorised and obliged to prevent unsafe activities.
  • All employees are qualified in accordance with their tasks to enable them to fulfil their individual responsibilities and thus operate safely and successfully.
  • Health and safety are an integral part of our business processes, including planning, operation, modification and closure of units or activities. The relevant legal and company regulations are adhered to. Equipment must be designed, monitored and maintained in such a way that they can be operated safely.
  • We strive to minimize any risks taking into account the relevant factors reasonably. The prevention of incidents, operational faults and to limit the impact if an incident occurs have priority. Systematic preventive measures are therefore of particular importance and serve to maintain and improve the safety and health protection.
  • For foreign company staff the same safety standards are applicable as for our own employees. This is taken into account when selecting and cooperation with foreign companies.

The safety and health care guidelines are implemented in the integrated management system on basis of the standard ISO 9001, the standard ISO 14001 and legal regulations.